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Changing Lives One Pair of Shoes At A Time

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Meet Our Founder

Cora's Vision was founded by Rebecca Adams, a sneaker lover with a heart

to give. Growing up, she didn't have the coolest shoes and experienced

bullying because of it. As a result, she grew up wanting to help kids with

similar stories. She believes a fresh pair of kicks can boost confidence in students and help eliminate bullying.

In 2018, she launched Fast Forward Shoe Drive, an annual

back-to-school event that provides shoes to students in need. The event gained traction in the Hampton Roads area, which caused Rebecca to establish Cora's Vision nonprofit in 2023. Originally named to honor her grandma, Cora, the nonprofit now honors her mother, Donna, as well by positively impacting and prioritizing youth in the community.

As a 501(c)3 organization, Rebecca will expand her mission of building kids' confidence through shoes and introducing youth programs that will address inequalities in her community. 


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